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The possibilities for your business are almost endless, which is why Crayon will shortly be bringing you a range of Elevated Cloud Solutions to choose from. 

Getting your business set up in Azure with our Cloud Solution Foundations gives you a great base to start improving the way your business operates; with greater flexibility, agility and infrastructure cost-savings. But there’s still more to come.

The beauty of Microsoft Azure is that with the right support, the possibilities for your business are almost endless, and that’s why we’ve developed our Elevated Cloud Solutions, to help you get to the next level with Azure so that your business can continue to thrive.

Elevated Cloud Solutions Application Migration

There are plenty of good reasons to start running your existing apps in Azure, it’s secure, cost effective, flexible and most of all, it’s reliable - with 99.5% uptime as a standard Service Level Agreement to back that up.

One of the main reasons that organisations delay moving their apps to Azure is the perceived complexity of the migration process.

With our Application Migration solution you get all of the benefits with none of the hassle as we take the time to fully understand how your app functions and interacts with the rest of your infrastructure before planning the migration process.

Once we’ve got the plan in place, we support you during every step of the migration and even provide aftercare too – to make sure that your team has the knowledge needed to make the most of your application in Azure.


Elevated Cloud Solutions Application Modernisation

Azure is a great platform for adding incredible scalability and new functionality to either your existing apps or any apps that you’re preparing to deploy for the first time – but they’ll need to be specifically developed for Azure usage. 

With our Application Modernisation solution, we can help you build, launch and manage, better apps than ever before.

Once we’ve fully analysed your applications we’ll develop a personalised modernisation plan to help you fully modernise your apps to achieve better performance, increased productivity and lower cost of ownership.


Elevated Cloud Solutions Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

Different people want experiences that are individual to them. And personalised solutions that change based on their behaviour, even offering recommended products that include dynamic discounts.

The first step to achieving this is by bringing all of your data together on a central platform; one that is not constrained by the amount of data it can hold, or by the applications that send the data there.

We can help you bring together data of increased volumes, variety and quality into one place and then use powerful analytics tools to display hidden insights that are waiting to help you become more efficient, more productive, and operate in a more cost effective way.


Elevated Cloud Solutions Service Management

Azure can bring about new complexities when it comes to governance and administration, through our service management we can help you get your admin under control and make sure you never fall foul of compliance legislation.

Our support can help your team get up to speed with the best-practices and know how needed to get the most out your new IT infrastructure.


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