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At Crayon, we understand that for some businesses leaping into the world of cloud-computing can feel overwhelming. But with the right support from the right partner, it needn’t be.

The biggest challenge is one of choice; how can you tell what platforms, applications, and processes are right for you? And this is where we excel.

With the experience of hundreds of cloud migrations behind us we’ve perfected our 4-step Azure Support Service to provide businesses with the benefits of Microsoft Azure, perfectly shaped to their unique needs, without the worry and stress, time or money.

1. Discover Cloud Support


The first step is taking the time to talk to you and getting to know your business. Here your input is just as important as our own, and turns cloud migration into the collaborative process that it should be in order to succeed.

As only you can truly know what your business needs to meet its objectives, considerable time is spent here to understand the nuances of how your business functions, what you need and why.

2. Design Cloud Support


Once we fully understand exactly what your organisation needs from the Microsoft Azure platform, we’ll design the solution - this covers everything from infrastructure and software, to the support you’ll need during the migration.

Although this can’t be as collaborative as the discovery phase, we make sure your team understands what we’re designing and why – taking any feedback you’ve got into consideration before we finalise the shape of the final solution.

3. Deliver Cloud Support


Migrating applications over to a new platform is never an easy time, and that’s why we work with you to ensure the migration timeline suits your business to reduce impact and help keep it ‘business as usual’.

This stage isn’t just about delivering a new technology platform, it’s also about delivering new skills and we take care to make sure that everyone in your business has the knowledge that they need to get the most out of your new Azure solution.

4. Develop Cloud Support


Some partners might think their job is done as soon as the migration is finished, but at Crayon we understand aftercare is as critical to the long term success of a migration project as the initial implementation itself.

Not only are we there to support you if something goes wrong, but we’ll help your teams understand where improvements can be made in order to maximise the capabilities of the new solution.