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Microsoft Azure Business Benefits

How can Microsoft Azure benefit your business? With Crayon you can expect MORE!

Moving elements of your business function does not mean losing control or reducing flexibility, in fact, it’s quite the opposite and here’s why.

Microsoft Azure guarantees 99.95% uptime - this means your software remains accessible to you, and your services to your customers 24/7.

By moving business functions to Microsoft Azure, you effectively wipe out any risk of downtime and can therefore fulfil your customer engagement and sales potential.

Microsoft Azure What are the Business Benefits?
  • Accessible

It’s just like accessing a rack in your own datacentre – the only difference being that you can now deploy in seconds rather than weeks, and then access anywhere.

  • Scalable

Scale from one to thousands of virtual machine instances in seconds. And with a growing number of regional Azure data centres, including a new UK centre, you can get closer to where your customers are.

  • Flexible

You need to be as flexible as your customer’s needs demand, so being able to run Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and SAP, means you can extend your relevance to an increasing number of customers.

  • Secure

Virtual walls built by some of the world’s top security experts protect your data and applications inside Microsoft Azure without ever impeding your agility and ability to quickly serve customers.

  • Cost effective

Only spend what you need when you need it. If you have to scale services up to handle peak trade or to take advantage of new opportunities you can quickly do so, and then reduce consumption back down again when demand is lower. 

This means there is no longer a need to invest in new technology, operate redundant machines, or maintain it - you get innovative technology wihout the cost.