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Microsoft Azure Case Studies

The incredible capability and power of Azure means it’s the perfect choice to help your business take advantage of the business opportunities of operating in the cloud.

Highly available and infinitely scalable, Azure is a platform developed to improve business flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness as these companies have discovered.

 Here are three case studies where Microsoft Azure has helped other companies...

ACCUWEATHER Azure Case Study

For more than 50 years AccuWeather has been providing vital weather data globally and today more than 1.5 billion people rely on their products and services.

They made the decision to migrate their application programming interfaces (APIs) to Microsoft Azure and begin using several cloud services including the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Since then the number of requests they receive for data through their apps, websites and social media has more than tripled to over 17 billion every day.

Now, thousands of businesses, including more than 240 of Fortune 500 companies, use AccuWeather’s enterprise solutions to power their decisions with real-time weather data.

AccuWeather’s expanding use of Microsoft technologies has also allowed them to integrate new data sources and functionality, including radar feeds, imagery and device sensors. These improvements have directly led to Minute by Minute™ forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ for any longitude and latitude on earth.

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Real Madrid Azure Case Study

Real Madrid give their fans plenty to cheer about every time they’re on the pitch, but they didn’t feel like they were doing enough when it came to connecting with their 450million supporters across the globe.

Using Microsoft Azure, Real Madrid have built a better understanding of who their fans are, where they are and what they want from the club, in part by capturing and storing every interaction with fans. This includes profiles on the club’s website, social media mentions, and merchandise purchases - their new consumer app and extended video platform has been built specifically to get the most from Microsoft Azure.

This vast collection of data was then aggregated into a social segmentation of each individual fan using an innovative Azure solution, allowing them to create personalised content for individual users based on their preferences and prior interactions.

Now communication with fans feels more like a conversation and less like Real Madrid just talking at their fans and not listening in response.


GE Healthcare Azure Case Study

Healthcare providers across the globe rely on GE Healthcare to provide insights that help them provide better care for their patients. So, when GE sought a highly flexible and scalable new platform to deliver their solutions and services, it needed to comply with a number of data and security regulations.

One of the things that drew GE Healthcare to Microsoft Azure was it offers a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in which Microsoft commits to adhere to certain security and privacy provisions set forth in HIPAA and the HITECH Act – helping customers all over the world remain compliant.

The project was soon extended to multiple other GE applications that used different development tools. Thankfully Azure provided the flexibility needed to continue working with the tools they were used to. And Azure’s Software Development Kit allowed them to simplify deployment of code to the cloud.

As a result, healthcare organisations of all sizes can meet their compliance requirements while benefitting from cloud-based solutions and the apps they’re used to.