General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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This webinar is a fast-track masterclass to get you and your organisation up to speed and on track with the GDPR regulations

Crayon are experts in helping customers comply with complex technology and optimise their IT investments. In this 30-minute webinar, Crayon will enable you to:

  • Understand the impact GDPR has on your business goals and objectives
  • Have a clear GDPR strategy
  • Plan effectively for meeting the GDPR compliance deadline
  • Understand where personal data resides and how to manage it

Don't risk hefty fines of up to €20million. Register for this webinar, or contact Crayon today to speak with an expert.

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Crayon Experts in Complex Technology

At Crayon, we help our clients accelerate digital transformation & optimise ROI from complex technology investments.

  • Global leader in SAM, Licensing & Cloud Transformation and associated consulting services
  • We optimise our client’s technology estate though Smart Digital Transformation
  • Unique Consulting & “Intelligent Cloud” Methodology to deliver on our mission
  • An experienced advisor with a proven worldwide track record

Crayon's Maturity and Capability Approach to GDPR 

  • Crayon’s consultative approach will assess your current state vs required future state readiness and capability
  • Stakeholder interviews and workshops designed to gather all relevant information related to GDPR strategy
  • Results in your organisation’s personalised GDPR risk mitigation and roadmap highlighting the opportunity and risk associated in relation to your GDPR needs

Crayon's GDPR Assessment provides an overview of your organisation's environment, policies and legal requirements and how these relate to GDPR.

  • Focuses on areas where risk minimisation is required
  • Helps you develop a specific action plan that ensures your implementation is accurate, efficient and compliant

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