Technology Features Eliminate the Password
ELIMINATE THE PASSWORD No Passwords, No Boundaries, No Problem

Organisations need to work more flexibly and this brings challenges. Managing Data and workers everywhere, along with emerging technologies, can make protecting your information seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Research from the Wall Street Journal shows high adoption rates for the cloud worldwide, but employees aren’t naturally inclined to protect your information while using it and that leaves you vulnerable to breaches or leaks. Making sure cloud access is simple and secure will encourage your staff to use it.

Passwords are inherently insecure – weak passwords are easy to break; strong passwords are hard to remember. With all the new cloud apps we now use, the number of passwords has multiplied and the number of breaches is growing.

Pay your last respects to the password

Eliminating the password is essential if you are to keep your data and identities protected. Security today is growing to include stronger authentication and identification methods that can offer greater protection for your data. Learn more about how to eliminate the password in your organisation: