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Easy License Program

Citrix Our Easy License Program

The Citrix Easy Licence Program

Easy to set up, easy to order against and maintain, its perfect for small organisations (5 users or more) that don’t want to make a large initial investment and don’t want to commit to contractual obligations.

Important points to note about this program:

  • No Contract - This program is designed to be easy to set up and, as such, there are no legal documents to sign before the program can start – just a straightforward online agreement, which covers all Citrix products and can be used across your entire organisation.
  • Procurement Flexibility - One of the best aspects of this program is that it gives you the freedom to purchase what you need, when you need it, rather than buying extra licenses and support services just so you can hit minimum order requirements. This is particularly relevant to small companies that need to keep an eye on expenditure.
  • Discounts - Please note that although you will receive regular channel discounts by buying through the Easy program, you will not qualify for any additional discounts on products based on, for instance, accumulative spend.

The following link will guide you through the process of setting this agreement up and creating a “MyCitrix” account: Citrix Easy Licence Program Guide