Citrix Licensing Programs

Enterprise Licensing

Citrix Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA)

The Citrix Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) is designed to suit the needs of medium to large commercial organisations.

Before purchasing Citrix products under this agreement, a customer must register and receive a Customer ID at, which is the personalised section of the Citrix website exclusively for customers. Crayon can register on behalf of a customer or guide a customer through the licence registration process if required.

Point Based Discounts

The size of the initial purchase sets the level of discount available to the end user, although it is important to note that there is a minimum initial purchase requirement in order to set up the ELA. This is calculated by a points system that Citrix have applied to their products. Various levels are attainable through volume of spend and each level provides greater discounts than the one before it.

You can also level up through placing large orders during the course of the agreement. Once the agreement is set up and the initial order has been placed, there are no minimum spend requirements associated with additional orders and any additional orders (regardless of how small) will be processed at the discount rates you initially qualified for.

Citrix Enterprise Level 7 - Bespoke Agreement

Enterprise Level 7 - Bespoke Agreement

Enterprise Level 7 (which used to be called Flex) is different to the other levels in that it is a bespoke agreement which is negotiated directly with Citrix. It is therefore difficult to indicate exactly what discount levels can be achieved. However, in order to hit this level an organisation would need to be anticipating a spend in excess of €1m and therefore potential discount levels can be assumed to be significant.

Important points to note about this program:

  • Procurement Flexibility - Although there is an initial spend threshold that needs to be met to start the agreement, once set up, this program allows organisations to buy what they need, when they need it.
  • Significant Discounts - This agreement offers sizable discounts based on spend tiers. The beauty of this agreement is that organisations get to keep the discount level they qualified for initially and can continue to order very small quantities of Citrix products at their agreed discounted rate.
  • Bespoke Agreement - Large customers will find the Enterprise Level 7 tier particularly appealing as it offers scope for negotiation on terms and discount levels.

To get a further understand of our Enterprise Level 7 - Bespoke Agreement, take a look at our brochure.