Benefits of SQL vs Oracle

CURRENTLY USING ORACLE? Optimise Your Costs with SQL Server 2016

The main differentiator between SQL Server 2016 and Oracle is simplicity of it - SQL Server has everything built in.

From the very beginning, SQL Server has a proven track record of adding tremendous value to what an organisation is purchasing, without the added complexity and costs of multiple add on SKUs.

Recent Gartner research ("Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems") discovered that a growing number of Oracle customers are dissatisfied with Oracle's "draconian" pricing and audit policies and the number of these users looking for alternatives to Oracle software is on the rise.

Gartner research also reveals that the total cost of ownership of Microsoft SQL Server is less than 50% compared to Oracle, and independent reviews show that Microsoft is the least vulnerable of all SQL Servers with the avaibility of the engineers being far superior to SAP or Oracle.

In comparison, SQL Server delivers higher level solutions that helps organisations to optimise the value of their IT investments faster and Microsoft's history of building in innovation, such as in-memory, HA, security, mobile BI & Advanced Analytics, negates the need for expensive add ons.

Other Key Differentiators to Consider

High Performance

SQL Server is ranked first, second, and third — and Oracle is ranked fifth, in the TPC-H 10TB non-clustered results, a standard benchmark for data warehousing workloads.*

End-to-end Mobile BI on any Device

SQL Server allows users to publish modern reports using Power BI or Excel 2016 to an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone and enable both self-service BI and mobility at a fraction of the cost of Oracle.

In-database Advanced Analytics

SQL Server delivers in-database advanced analytics at no extra cost, allowing customers to make better decisions with easy-to-use analytics tools that seamlessly combine enterprise data, external data, and unstructured big data. In comparison, many of Microsoft's competitors sell the same capabilities but as separate SKUs, increasing the customers costs even further.

On-premises & in the Cloud

As the first cloud-born database, SQL Server 2016 delivers consistent experiences both on-premises and in the Cloud with common development and management tools and common T-SQL. In comparison, Oracle's on-premises capabilities are strong but their Cloud abilities would tell a much weaker story.

*TPC-H 10TB non-clustered results as of 04/06/15, 5/04/15, 4/15/14, and 11/25/13, respectively.

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