#FACEPALM Don't Be Like Jim!

Don't be like Jim! Ensure your enterprise has the latest intelligent cloud based telephony and collaboration solutions with Crayon and the Microsoft O365 E5 plan.

We all laughed at Jim's latest exploits where being too slow to adopt new and vastly superior cloud PBX telephony and collaboration solutions yet again backfired badly for him. But of cause in real life poorly performing or out of date telephony systems could be anything but a laughing matter.

Seamless communication and real-time collaboration between co-workers, customers and business units has never been more important to the agility and competitiveness of the modern enterprise.

Make sure you're not falling behind and talk to us today about how Crayon and the Microsoft Office 365 E5 plan can help drive advantage for your enterprise.

FIND YOUR PERFECT PATH TO THE CLOUD Choose the Route that's Best for Your Business

Powerful Productivity & Collaboration for Teams with O365 E5

Office 365 E5 takes security and compliance to the next level, giving you even more control over your data security and compliance.

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